Easter Runaway

In just a few days western Easter will be celebrated.  Here in south Florida the weather is as always…brilliant blue skies, soft, cool breezes and that blinding, white sunlight so typical of this time of the year.  It’s always been that way.  As children Easter was one of our favorite holidays.  There wasn’t the pressure […]


2013 Greek Festival…deconstructed!

If it’s the second weekend in February it’s the Greek festival at Saint Demetrios! It’s such an exciting event but there’s a tremendous amount of work involved.  I thought I’d bring you a “behind the scene” peek-see look.  All weekend the kitchen is slammed with people rushing in and out carrying scalding hot trays of […]


Real Girls Eat Quiche

Earlier this week I met some dear friends for breakfast at a small, tucked away French restaurant.  There were all different kinds of quiches on the menu, ALL calling out to me.  I decided on spinach and at the first bite was not disappointed.  The baked custard filling was smooth and rich and each mouthful […]