Sweet Tea for my Sweetie


My very first thought this morning as I woke up was quiet but earnest and plaintive.  “I don’t want him to go.”  I repeated that thought over and over.  Lying in bed I pondered the made-up dialogue Pamela and I often have with each other.  We each know our lines and the roles are reversible.  I’m me and Pamela’s James or Pamela’s herself and I’m Catherine.  We ALWAYS have this mock conversation and it goes something like this.  “James, sweetie, I’m sorry but this little experiment of yours just isn’t working out. We’ve given it a couple of years and now it’s just time to come home.  I’m sorry.  I’M SORRY.  It’ll be fine.  I promise!  We’ll make slice and bake cookies.  It’ll be fine!”  But we NEVER say that to the children.  No.  They’re living their lives, as well they should, spreading their wings and embracing all that this world has to offer.  But when they leave for college, after every break, we sure do miss them!  After a quick but satisfying cafe con leche I left the house to do my race walking routine. The day was exquisite!  One of those sparkling, vibrant South Florida days that makes you count your blessings.  So I did.  I looked around and took in such beauty.  I love Florida oaks and so many in Victoria Park, our neighborhood, have long, dreamy locks of Spanish moss draping down from their boughs…swaying from the occasional breeze.  Magnificent and perfect in every way!

Winter in South Florida.  It's truly heaven!
Winter in Victoria Park.  It’s truly glorious!

So James will go back to school.  And so will Catherine, Zach, and Megan.  Charlotte will go back as will Josh and Ryan.  But know your mammas will all miss you desperately and when y’all need a little taste of home you can throw back a little sweet tea!!

Sweet tea in a Lily tumbler. When it's hot, there's nothin' better!
Sweet tea in a Lily tumbler. When it’s hot, there’s nothin’ better!

Sweet Tea

  • 3 quarts cold water
  • 4 family size tea bags, I like Luzianne
  • 1 cup sugar
  • fresh mint, optional
  • lemons wedges, optional
House beverage in the South.
House beverage in the South.

Bring water to a boil and take off heat.  Add tea bags and let steep 5 minutes or longer if you like stronger tea.  Remove and discard tea bags and let tea come completely to room temperature.  Add sugar and stir until sugar has dissolved.  Serve on ice with mint or lemon, if desired.  Refrigerate only when completely cooled to room temperature or tea will become cloudy. A no-no in the South!

I love ya,boy!
I love ya, boy!


  1. Linda

    Read this on the way to the airport as we drove Julia to Miami to fly back to school. I repeated the plea to stay at home and bake cookies to her, adding a couple of my own promises. She giggled and told me she loved me too but we did not turn the car around…… Love you Alicia!

    1. Alicia

      That independence thing is one slippery slope! We work all their lives for strong, happy, intelligent children…and then they leave! What’s that all about??!!

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