The ultimate Eggnog for goodwill toward men


I saw my friend Harriet this week.  We were Saint Anthony moms together back when James and her boy, Griffin, were in Pre-K.  It was a long, long time ago.  How nice it was to catch up!  We don’t see each other that often but back in Pre-K it was one play date after another.  They had such fun, those boys!!  In and out of the pool, at parks they would go up and down the slide for hours, whatever they did they had a blast.   Harriet and I had a good chuckle when we were chatting about one play date in particular.  It was Christmas time and Griffin was coming over to play.  The house was neat as a pin and whatever I had planned to serve for lunch was already set to go.  I had polished and set out two special silver cups for the boys.  James’ baby cup and my father’s, which had also been mine.  James was excited because I had made a batch of homemade eggnog…minus the bourbon and rum since little folk would be drinking it.  Lord, did that child love his eggnog.  Still does!  I have to admit I do, too.  One year I gained SO much weight just on eggnog.  I wasn’t working outside the home, James was still very young, so I had plenty of time in the kitchen.  Well, I’d mix up a batch of eggnog, lace mine with bourbon and rum and then drink it.  The mailman would be stuffing all the Christmas mail in the mailbox and I’d cheerily ask, “Would you like to have a cup of homemade eggnog with me?”.  We’d stand by the gate and sip on our ‘nogs.  I’d wait for the pool man to come so I’d have another excuse to have some.  “Hey, Mike!  How about a cup of eggnog?”, I’d ask while ladling it into the waiting cups.   And I could always depend on my mom to have cocktail with me.  She was ALWAYS up for an alcoholic bevo!!  So beware.  This stuff is good and lethal.  I found it to be particularly hard to lose that weight, too.  Anyway, back to James’ play date.   The house was ready with the dining room table covered with styrofoam, glitter, sequins, jiggly eyes, pipe cleaners, glue, felt pieces, fake candy…all manner of crafts.  I figured they could wind down after pool time with some Christmas crafts.  Make some ugly-ass-but-we’ll-treasure them forever decorations.  The morning went well.  The boys were so sweet!  Laughing and showing each other the latest addition to their ornament.  And they were so happy!!  I ladled the eggnog, all thick and rich, served it to them and left the dining room.  I could hear their little voices, and little slurps interrupted by “This is SO good!” in those little people tones.  A while later they both came to the kitchen their tiny tanned arms handing over the cups.  James stepped forward.  “Mama?”, he asked, “Griffin and I would like to know if we may have some more but do we have to have it in the tin cups?”  TIN CUPS.  TIN CUPS!!!  Of course, they got more.  And, of course, in the “tin” cups!


Homemade Eggnog

yield: 8-10 small cups

  • 6 eggs, separated
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup bourbon, if omitting substitute with milk or half and half
  • 1 cup rum, if omitting substitute with milk or half and half
  • freshly grated nutmeg
  1. Beat egg whites until stiff and gradually beat in sugar.
  2. Beat yolks until thick.
  3. Whip cream in a large bowl until you get soft peaks.
  4. Into the cream gently fold in beaten whites, eggs, and liquor.
  5. Serve immediately with a generous dusting of freshly grated nutmeg.


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