Moscow Mules at a Southern Girl’s Weekend


It had been a really long day. Our flight out of Lauderdale had been delayed for some reason and by the time we picked up the rental at Raleigh Durham airport we were starting to feel it. Jimmy and I are NOT the young, fun people we used to be!! Anyway, we flew up to see James, we scored some great tickets for the UNC-Clemson game on Sunday AND we were staying at my favourite…the Carolina Inn. After we checked in and Jimmy checked his 500 million, trillion, gazillion e-mails we left to get a drink at the hotel bar. As we left the room another young lady was walking thru the hallway. Jimmy gently chided me as I turned and walked in the wrong direction. “Alicia. It’s this way.” “Well, I’m sorry but I was just admiring this pretty lady’s beautiful sweater.” And it WAS gorgeous. It was a lavender cashmere poncho draped over one shoulder and slightly sagging over the other in that casual “je ne sais quoi” sort of way. She wore it over a crisp, white long-sleeved blouse and black skinny jeans tucked into black riding boots. She looked great.  She went her way and we went ours.  We made it to the bar and ordered our highly anticipated cocktails. As we chatted about our day and the past week I noticed a couple of good-looking women come in the bar and sit at a table for maybe eight.  Jimmy and I continued chatting at length, going back and forth, “Is it Goose NECK Park or Goose CREEK Park where we pick up James?”.  Still chatting I noticed another lady come in and join them.  All these good-looking women were meeting here in the bar and it looked like a stellar girl’s weekend was in the making! More sharply dressed women entered the bar and quite a bit more screaming and squealing took place. I was mesmerized.  If by nothing else their jewelry, their scarves and, oh, their boots! Boy, could they accessorize! They called out to each other using the nicknames they had called each other when THEY were at Carolina. I couldn’t stop listening. They chatted about a drink they all loved. It’s called the “Moscow Mule”. Go figure. I was sipping on my second VERY generous double of Wild Turkey, rocks, and tried desperately to remember #1. the name of the drink #2. the ingredients in the drink and #3. all the nicknames of these girly girls. It was wonderful hearing these marvelous, accomplished women laughing and joking, and yes, talking about yesterday but also talking about what they were all doing today. And the nicknames!! I just caught snippets of names and conversation. “Ohmygosh, Tish, you can’t EVEN be serious!”. “Serious about what???”, I thought. “FOX!!! Look at you!!! You’re still gorgeous!”. And she was. With one ear on Jimmy and one ear on the girls I tried to keep the conversations straight. Jimmy finally leaned over and in sotto voce asked, “Are you listening to their conversation?”.  Why, yes.  Yes, I am.  There is just something about best friends getting together that is intoxicating and joyous, liberating and exciting.  I noticed that right then the mysterious well dressed woman with the lavender cashmere had joined them amid more peals of laughter, the tossing of hair and the flash of terrific jewelry.  I felt so happy for them.  They knew the significance of their time together.  They truly appreciated it.  I mustered up a little nerve, easy enough after TWO bourbon doubles, and interrupted them.  I asked if I could take a few quick photos of their table and they graciously agreed and jumped into place.  We laughed more when I asked for all their pet names, like when we got to “Patt” whose real name is so beautiful…Elizabeth!!  They patiently explained that “Tish” was short for Morticia the nickname that was given when the sorority had a Halloween party and they all dressed up as members of the Munster family except Morticia who was really from the Addams Family.  I LOVE minutiae on that level.  I positively put it up high on a pedestal.  They are all Tri Delts except Fox who’s a Pi Phi.  Their houses were across from each other but Fox ran with these girls so she’s an honorary Tri Delt.  I’ve been lucky enough to have been on some outrageously fun girl’s weekend and they are treasured.  They can be with your blood sisters, with your mom, your best friends or sorority sisters.  That’s when all the nicknames come out.  That’s when stories are told of escapades your children will never, EVER hear about.  You’ll talk trash about that boy that broke your heart…or caused you to make the walk of shame.  Alcohol is often the culprit.  But you’ll also catch up on what’s going on NOW in your lives and applaud the successes achieved and the milestones met.  And everyone feels like a goddess after a few cocktails!  Happy weekend, ladies!  Thanks for letting me come along if only for a quick minute!


This is the recipe for a “Moscow Mule” as told to me by mostly EBird.  She said they have it a lot in Montana so maybe it’s a western cocktail?  She also specified it needs to be served freezing cold so out there it’s served in a copper cup.  I keep thinking about that.  Who’s got a copper cup???  It won’t stop me, tho.  I’ll put it in silver!

Roll call! L-R Morticia, EBird, Tricks, Fox, Patt and Brooke, Trick's daughter.  Not photographed - Disco who showed up later!
Roll call! L-R Morticia, EBird, Tricks, Fox, Patt and Brooke, Trick’s daughter. Not photographed – Disco who showed up later!

Moscow Mule

  • 1/2 part ginger beer
  • 1/2 part vodka
  • lots of fresh lime cut in pieces or wedges
  1. Squeeze juice from lime pieces and drop lime in with juice.
  2. Mix with equal parts of cold ginger beer and vodka, hopefully, vodka from your freezer.
  3. Go easy!!  The ladies said this drink goes down really easy and is a real creeper!!


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