Thanksgiving Turkey, The Glorious Bird

Don’t let roasting a turkey stress you out. It’s easy and simple as can be. Take a look and take your time. Happy Thanksgiving!

The Irreverent Kitchen


I’ve given you a couple of sides and now would like to address everyone’s star of the day…the turkey. I’ll give you more sides but this way you can organize your thoughts, kitchen and schedule and have plenty of time to wrap your head around Thanksgiving dinner if you’ve never roasted a bird before. This is one of the easiest recipes out there and I have to credit the woman who is the all time greatest disaster in the kitchen. Mama.  I know I’ve told you in earlier posts how dreadful she was in the kitchen…heck, she’d tell you!  But I have to give her credit for a most incredibly delicious recipe that even a small child could produce. That said, this recipe will also yield most of the ingredients for some of the best gravy you’ll EVER have. It it truly the most sumptuous, luscious gravy I’ve tasted.  Bar…

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